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Possible Reasons for SLB Disqualification

Taking money under false pretences: If a student is awarded both the loan and a grant, but during the school year accesses only the grant, he or she will be disqualified. The grant is reserved for students in DIRE CIRCUMSTANCES, where it is deemed that without the grant, they will be unable to finish the school year, as alternative funding would not be available. The grant goes hand-in-hand with the student loan. If funds are available to pay the tuition, the assumption is that the grant was not really needed.

Misrepresentation of facts: If a student is found to have altered the information presented with regard to the number  of people or income of the household, they will be disqualified from the loan process. The system is designed to assist needy students. Students are encouraged at all times to present their circumstances without any embellishment.

Disqualified persons are barred from the student loan process for a minimum of two years. At the end of that time they can appeal the decision and attempt to reapply if the need still arises.

Principals of the schools to which these students have applied or are attending,  receive notices of these disqualifications. The dishonesty of these students is also noted on their permanent record.

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