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The SLB encourages guarantors to come in early.
Posted: Thursday | August 14, 2008

This year, for the first time in the history of the Students’ Loan Bureau, we received 8101 applications. For the most part the tuition fees for the institutions were submitted on a timely basis. In several cases however they were late and some were even critically late; arriving at our offices after July 18th. As the tuition fee is a critical part of our assessment, the evaluation process was significantly delayed for some schools.

The evaluation process was completed by the 21st July; some applications were however evaluated from as early as May 19th.

 The execution of the contracts for the loans involves the guarantors who must visit our offices for signing and for explanations on any issues they might have on the new obligation they are undertaking. This process commenced on the 2nd of June. Each applicant must make an appointment for himself or herself and the guarantors to attend our offices. They need not wait on the approval from the institutions that they may have applied to. Appointments may be made on the internet, by telephone or by a visit to the Students’ Loan Bureau’s office.

Loans will only be disbursed after the completion of the documentation, there is no exception to this. Upon completion, the funds will be disbursed to the named institution. It is important therefore for every applicant to ensure that the relevant documentation is properly executed.

To date only -976applicants have completed the process. With 2000 appointments made. This means therefore that there are 7125approved awardees that have-NOT YET TAKEN that critical step to complete the process, and the new semester begins in August for most institutions.  Reminders have been sent through the media as well as text messages and emails.

We want to remind all students of the possibility of de-registration and other discomforts that can result from non payment or late payment. Being approved will only help if the documentation is complete.

The SLB has been working (seeing members of the public) up to 8.00pm each night and most mornings there appointments from as early as 8:30am. For the month of August we will be working every Saturday beginning on August 9th. We are unable however to see anyone without an appointment given the extremely high number of applications this year.

 The deadline for guarantor interviews is Friday 29th August 2008.

We ask all our applicants to make the appointments as soon as possible, and thereafter to enquire on the status of your applications. Ensure that your guarantors have signed as promised, and that all your requirements have been met so that your loan amount can indeed be sent to your school on time.

We encourage you to call us, visit our offices, get on line, read the text messages that we send you as well the emails. Please remember that your success lies in your achieving your educational goals, help us to help you.

The Students' Loan Bureau can be contacted via the internet at or via the telephone on the following numbers 754-2559 or 754-2548-50.

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