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SLB Delinquents
Posted: Thursday | November 24, 2005


More names & photos of chronic SLB Loan Delinquents to be published this Sunday

The Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB) continues its campaign against delinquent borrowers, with the publication of more names and photographs in the press and electronic media this Sunday, November 27.

The photographs of over 35 ‘chronic’ delinquent borrowers are being published in all the major newspapers after exhaustive attempts by the SLB to contact and negotiate arrangements for settlement.

The Bureau, which also plans to publish photographs in the foreign press to seek out delinquent SLB beneficiaries now living abroad, wishes to advise the public that it exercises this option only after making every attempt to contact and collect from defaulting former tertiary students.

The SLB is still appealing to all beneficiaries with accounts in arrears or who may be in doubt about the status of their accounts, to contact its Loan Servicing Department immediately. Where necessary, they should make arrangements to settle outstanding balances.

Faced with increasing demand for financial support from current tertiary students, the SLB says it has to be relentless in its efforts to significantly reduce the levels of arrears and to secure the viability of the revolving student loan fund, which is a self sustaining fund no longer receiving external assistance.

The SLB is also seeking the support of members of the public as well as Jamaican employers in its drive to ensure that funds remain available for present and succeeding generations of Jamaicans seeking higher education.



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