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Post Grad Loans
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Approved Institution

UWI, UTECH, NCU and other Approved Tertiary Institutions (ATIs).

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Who is eligible?

Employed Jamaican students who can repay via salary deduction

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How to apply?

>First, you will be required to register and complete the Postgrad application form (click here to apply) then email to set an appointment to submit the required documents. You will receive confirmation of your appointment date and time via email within 2 working days of submission. Should you require any additional information you may call 936-4420, 936-4462 or 936-4416.

Associated Fees
  • Processing: $5,250.00 (non-refundable)

  • Insurance: $0.50 per thousand of the amount borrowed over the loan tenure

  • Application Cost: $950.00

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Required Documents
  • Tax Registration Card (TRN)

  • 2 passport size photographs

  • Valid photo identification (Passport, Driver's License, Electoral/National Identification)

  • Certified copy of birth certificate

  • Acceptance Letter for new students or Student Identification and Status Letter already enrolled in programme)

  • Income verification (last three pay-slips or job letter)

  • Two letters of recommendation (to be written by a Justice of the Peace or Minister of Religion or Attorney-at-Law or Employer or Lecturer).

  • Last 3  utility bills.

  • Credit reference

  • Letter from employer confirming their facilitation of salary deduction orders (subject to discretion).

  • Valid Employee Identification

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Loan Amount

The maximum loan amount of $1.2 million covers tuition only.

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Interest Rate Repayment
  • 9.5% reducing balance with a repayment of up to 60 months

  • There is no moratorium on the post-graduate loans.

  • Beneficiaries with undergraduate loans must be able to comfortably repay undergraduate and post-graduate loans.

  • Beneficiaries of undergraduate loans still enjoying the six-month grace period must begin early repayment to qualify for post-graduate loans.

Guarantor Requirements and Documents
  • A guarantor must be:

    • Jamaican national living in Jamaica

    • Between 18 and 65 years old

    • A responsible individual

    • Be in good health

    • Formally employed

    • Possess a TRN

  • The required documents are:

    • Two forms of valid photo identificataions - one of which must be a Passport or Driver's License

    • Income verification (last three pay slips). Letter from employer confirmation their faciliation of salary deduction (subject to discretion).

NB. Guarantors must be employed in their current job for at least one year. Guarantor’s place of employment must facilitate salary deductions.

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